Come experience the wide selection of Japanese food from sushi to tempura, sure to satisfy the taste buds of you and your friends!





All main courses are served with miso soup, rice*, a house salad and kobachi (small dish)*

* Bowl of rice not included in Hariko-don, Una-don, and Kaisen-don.
* Kobachi are subject to change on a daily or weekly basis. Please ask your server about today’s small dish.

We kindly decline any substitutions. Please inform your server of any food allergies.

Sushi boat




SUSHI PIZZA 6" (2-3 servings)


Red Tuna 7.50
Albacore Tuna 6.50
Scallop 7.50
Seabass 6.00
Salmon Roe 11.00
BBQ Eel 8.00
Salmon 6.50
Sockeye Salmon 6.50
Sea Urchin 11.50
Yellowtail 7.50

Shrimp 6.00
Octopus 6.50
Red Snapper 7.50
Squid 6.00
Masago (Fish Egg) 7.00
Hokkigai (Surf Clam) 6.00
Imitation Crab 5.50
Tamago (sweet egg) 5.00
Inari (fried bean curds with sushi rice 3 pc.) 5.00


Vegetable & Healthy Roll (6 pc.)
Spicy Roll Add 50¢

Cucumber 5.00
Avocado 5.00
Yam Tempura 5.00
Inari (Fried Bean Curds) 5.00
Asparagus Tempura & Avocado 6.00
Chippawa (Spicy Seaweed) 5.50

Cucumber & Avocado 5.50
Inari & Cucumber 5.50
Inari & Avocado 5.50
Asparagus Tempura 5.50
Yam Tempura & Avocado 5.50
Tamago (Sweet Egg) 5.50

Seafood & Original Roll (6 pcs.)
Spicy Roll Add 50¢

Salmon 7.00
Red Tuna 8.00
Albacore Tuna 6.50
Scallop 8.00
Spider (Soft Shell Crab) 9.00
Shrimp Tempura 7.50
California 8.00
Yellowtail 8.00
Yellowtail & Avocado 8.50

BBQ Eel & Avocado 9.00​Scallop & Avocado 8.50
Salmon & Cream Cheese 8.50
Tuna & Cream Cheese 9.50
Yellowtail & Cream Cheese 9.50
Masago 7.50
Imitation Crab 6.00
Imitation Crab, Avocado, Masago, Carrot, Spicy Mayo 12.95


 10% Discount on cash-only takeout orders over $50 including HST (except lunch special)


Japanese Style Chicken-Katsu Curry Rice & Chef Salad $12.95

Omakase Sundays

These are pre-booked events and reservations must be made 10 days in advance. Reservations will also be taken down on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure an optimal dining experience, Chef Okabe will personally prepare, cook and serve you your meal. The restaurant will be closed to the public and will be booked-out exclusively to our guests dining in that day.

Chef Okabe will offer omakase every Sunday for a limited number of guests. Omakase in Japanese means “you leave it up to the chef.” In other words, using the ingredients of the day, Chef Okabe will create a beautifully arranged, traditional 8 course meal from beginning to end.

Our omakase includes sushi and sashimi as well as off-menu items and will vary on a weekly basis. To make your reservation, please call now to book your seat for the next available table

We ask that group reservations be made with a minimum of 4 guests and a maximum of 10. The price of this unforgettable and unique dining experience is $120 per person + tax. Please Note – 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Credit Card information required at time of booking. $25 per person no show fee will be applied if not cancelled within 48 hours of reservation.

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